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QUESTION: Intel BLKDG965MSCK S775 1066Fsb Ddr2 Mbtx Avl Blk
this mother board i have is in need of a cpu cooler, and my local stores cannot come up with the correct cpu cooler due to over size holes in the mother board,for mounting cpu cooler, my local pc man says it is possibly out of a dell unit  but the board is brand new

ANSWER:  That might be a tricky one because the CPU holes should be industry standard. There's a chance you have an oddball 'defective' board with incorrectly bored holes.

Your best bet is to get your hands on a pair of calipers like these, http://www.vxb.com/page/bearings/PROD/Kit7426?gclid=CPuPj7CQxrQCFSPhQgod4i4A-A.
Perhaps borrow a pair?
The holes are supposed to measure 80mm.

Once you get the hole size you will have a better chance of finding the right fan. Suggestions of mine would be:




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QUESTION: the board is not defective, i checked thru the internet and the the holes are all the same on the this board model, they really dont give a possibly of what cooler to used now did i stump your experts lol

Oh I didn't mean truly defective. I just meant that the holes might be larger than than they're supposed to be but if you've checked then that's obviously not the issue.

Unfortunately there's only so much troubleshooting for hardware that can be done from an internet forum so, yeah, I'm not much help. I'd say to caliper those holes so you can verify if they're 80mm so you can at least know the exact size but from what I can find that Thermaltake heatsink on the Newegg link above should fit.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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