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QUESTION: I bought a brand new boxed Intel DH55PJ board and a boxed Core i3-540 CPU 6 months ago but I was having a problem with them since the beginning which was that the system would reboot automatically a few times whenever it reached the Windows XP loading screen then about 40 days ago it suddenly starting failing POST i.e. When I pressed the Power On button the board just turned on with fans spinning but there would be no display or sound but it did turned on after about 20-25 hard shutdowns & at first this no POST problem occurred once in a day then it became regular. I got the board replaced through RMA but same problem occurred with replaced board which I again sent to the RMA this time along with the CPU but both returned as "No Defect". What is the possible cause of this problem? Here are the steps I have tried
-tried to boot outside the case
-tried to boot with the Hard disk(seagate ST3500320AS) and GPU (Nvidia 9400 GT) taken off the Board and the PSU(generic 450W)
-CMOS clear, BIOS recovery
None of the above worked. One strange thing is the Board beeps without the RAM module(1333 MHz 8X32 or 32X8 4GB DDR3) but doesn't boot with it. Every other thing has been tested in front of me and is fine. Has the RMA test center made some error while testing the board. Also the board does not seem to be physically damaged.(Ohh I have tried Intel support it didn't work)
Thanks In Advance

ANSWER: My guess, given that Intel has returned the hardware as "No Defect" is that your power supply is at fault (generally the random reboot cycles and whatnot are either associated with a bad motherboard or a bad PSU - I think we can rule the board out). The board should beep with no memory loaded, that's standard.

I'd try a quality PSU from a maker like Antec or Enermax, and see if the system will run stable. If not, the next place I'd look would be the RAM (your initial question leads me to believe you only have a single memory module, which is perfectly fine, but it makes troubleshooting harder - do you have another DDR3 module you could test with?).


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QUESTION: At present I do not have any other DDR3 modules but no problem I'll get one if you say and one thing the about the PSU is that it works fine in another system of the following specifications: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz CPU on an Intel D945GCNL board with the same Hard disk and GPU plus two DVD-RAM drives. Is it possible that this PSU does not support the new system? I'll try a quality PSU as you say.
And the beeping issue the thing that surprised me was that the board behaved in standard way without RAM but with RAM docked in it's like it's dead.  Anyway I have got the RAM tested with a meter like something also ran memtest x86 but found nothing wrong.
Thanks for your advice.

With the board not beeping with the RAM, that leaves the RAM on the table as the problem - but I'd still try the PSU out too. The older system may not be loading as heavily on start-up and that could explain why it's having no trouble. One thing to also check (and I know this may seem somewhat redundant) - are there any aux power connectors on the newer motherboard that you've forgotten to plug in? (Some newer boards have the 24pin, a 4 or 8 pin, and then an additional floppy or 4-pin molex header somewhere, and need all of that connected - usually that additional connector is easy to overlook).


PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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