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First time testing the service, let see how it goes.  :-)

I have a p8z68 deluxe motherboard from asus. Why I want to install 32gb cuz I want to set up a ramdisk for games (I got a ssd already) I was looking for best or some sort or close ddr3 to overclock them. I know the 4x4gb sticks that are awesome but I need capacity and want to oc them. I'm using a i5 2500k.

But the thing here is the budget.  Maybe would be good to know which ram would fit this "best"  place the a budget option for no more than u$s 189.

I've been looking for this info but I didn't spot a 32gb that rocks, yes a 16gb but it wont fit on what I'm planning to do...

ANSWER: I'm afraid I won't be a huge help as what you're really wanting you'll never find. Not for that price anyway.

You're going to need 4x 8GB sticks. That motherboard uses PC3-17000 (2133 Mhz) ram.
Since Intel Ivybridge cpus don't support triple channel memory the ram needs to be installed in pairs.

Kingston often has the most decent quality for the most reasonable price and Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3 2133 is a reasonable option. But beyond that price you mentioned unfortunately.


Here in the US, Newegg.com often has some of the best prices and they have kits for what you'd want for no less than $240 US. I'm also not familiar with their shipping options for outside the US but you can definitely find that information on their website.

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QUESTION: Thanks about your fast answer.

I read that my motherboard supports upto 2200mhz (oc) it means that I wont be able to go further those speeds? if that is correct it wont be a better option in this case for the budget and pick a 1866 options that could reach 2133 easily ocing them?

Don't worry about the shipping if there is a cheaper place to buy hardware or there is a comparable option I would like to know in the US.

I don't ever do any over-clocking so for OC related questions you'll want to ask a different tech expert on here.

According to the specs for that motherboard, due to CPU behavior, DDR3 2200 only runs at 2133 but I am not sure if 1866 can be over-clocked up to 2133 since I don't over-clock.


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