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 Can you help me understand a strange situation?   I have an Aspire One 533.  I bought it from Ebay.  It has a 250gb hard drive but when I got it it said it only had a 85gb hard drive.  It worked well and I gave it to a friend who started installing all kinds of programs on it.  Then it crashed.  The hard drive made a clicking noise and would not repair.  I thought it was done for when it couldn't install a fresh Win7 and I was going to put it in the scrap pile.  But I had an evaluation copy of Win8 so for fun I put that in and to my surprise it installed.  It said the hard drive was 150gb but when it installed it reported the hard drive size as 50gb.  It doesn't clack anymore and it runs great.  My questions are "Am I on borrowed time?", "The Win8 is only good for 3 months, will it just shut down after that or will it continue working on Win8?  The only legal operating system I can put on it is Win XP, will that work or will it have bad driver issues?"  "Is there something free like Linex that would work on it?"  "Is it worth buying a new hard drive or is it too hard to install and set up and not worth the money?"
  Thanks for the help.

Dear Don,

Please replace your HDD asap as its on the verge of dying. As far as reporting of space is concerned you might want to access disk management tool and check how many partitions does your HDD have and what is the free space available.

Hope this helps.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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