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I have asus K42J (i5,2gb ram, 2gb vram). Last week i played all games like counter strike, nfs, fifa smoothly at room temperature 12-20degree celcius..

But now the room temperature is 2-4degree celcius. And cpu usage while playing game is going to 100percent in all four cores.

Now ALL the games are running sluggy after sometime of starting d game....

Is it due to change in temp. Or could be something else?

Hello Suraj. I'm leaning towards something else. Continue reading below:

You'll need to check the CPU usage on all four cores running at idle as well. If the CPU usage is anything above a constant 5% or more, there is something running that is resource hogging. Opening up the task manager and going to the "Processes" tab, you can see every process that is running on your computer, how much memory each is using, and how much CPU usage each one is requiring. Make sure you have the check box "Show processes from all users" is checked. You can order the list by CPU usage so the biggest CPU usage programs will be grouped together. Once you see what may be taking up a lot of CPU power, write down the process name(s) then start up one of your games that you've been having problems on, then while the game is running, check the process list again and write down any other processes that are taking up a decent amount of CPU power. You can then use your favourite search provider and search up each process to figure out what each process does, whether it is safe, etc. Once you figure out what is taking up so much resources on your laptop and have determined if it is not needed, you can either uninstall the application the process derives from or change some settings that will make the CPU resource hogging process not run automatically on startup if it is part of a program you regularly need.

Outside temperature won't have an effect on computer performance, unless it is the difference between running in safe operating temperatures or overheating. Both last week's room temperature and the new room temperature were more than cool/cold enough to not worry about external causes to temperature problems. If the laptop is getting extremely hot, it may help to get a cooling pad for the laptop for adequate breathing room for the intake fan of the laptop's cooling system. If you've owned the laptop for more than 6 months to a year and where you live is a somewhat dusty environment (dusty house or your residence is located right off of a dirt road) or have pets with fur, the laptop's heatsink grill may be getting clogged up or is already clogged up. Obtain a compressed air can for cleaning computers and where you feel the hot air coming out and blow into the vents with the straw on the can, making sure to hit all the way back and forth the width of the vent so all parts of the heatsink get blown out properly. It is more effective to do this with the laptop on and running as the internal fan will break up thicker clumps of dust as it gets blown back allowing it to break up enough to fit through the grill effectively getting the dust out of the computer. Big tip with compressed air cans: Never tip them upside-down or they will quickly condense and that is the worst thing that could happen while spraying as spraying water will result and we obviously know the result of that. Do this until signs of dust blowing out of the vents becomes no more. The can of air should last multiple uses for future sprays.

I did some research on your model computer and I would like to advise you that your laptop is not a gaming laptop, so if the settings are set to medium or high on most games, it will be just about unplayable given low frame rates. The laptop reviews well with a gaming resolution of 1024 by 768, not the native resolution of your computer screen at 1366 by 768. Setting the games' texture settings and resolution to a lower setting will put less stress on the processor, RAM, and video card giving better performance and better temperatures.

Hope this helps you out a bit. Have a great day!

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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