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My laptop Does not show anything on Screen. It just automatically shuts off after 20 seconds.
I turned on by removing the ram but it does not give any kind of beeps and this time also it automatically shuts off within 20sec.

I replaced ram but no change..
I tried to by inserting a bootable CD/USB but of no use.
I think it is to do something with BIOS CHIP?

This can be a couple of things.

If you are not using the original power supply that comes with the laptop, it may not be getting enough power.

If your power supply is original and working just fine, you may have a bad motherboard or a bad CPU. You've already tried different RAM, and the laptop does not show any post codes with or without RAM. M question is what brand is the laptop? Dells and HP laptops do have a beep code, but not using beeping. They using blinking lights. HP uses the Caps lock and numlock lights to flash at you and Dell uses the Caps, Num, and scroll lock lights. If you don't own one of these two company's laptops, don't pay any attention to looking for blinking lights.

It is very rare for a CPU itself to stop working, but sometimes a simple reseat of the CPU will makes things all better again. If you have knowledge on disassembling a laptop (or if your laptop is one of those ones that gives easy direct access to the CPU through a panel on the bottom):

-I would personally take action to get to the CPU,
-Simply reseat it,
-Clean the heatsink grill and fan of dust (you may have to take the fan apart from the heatsink in some models by removing 3 or 4 tiny screws, some which may be covered in tape),
-Clean the CPU and heatsink of the old thermal paste that is on it,
-Put new thermal compound (found at Walmart or Radioshack) on the CPU,
-and Put the laptop back together.

If it worked, the laptop should work like normal and run much cooler than it used to. If the CPU wasn't the problem, the board is bad and you'd have to replace the motherboard to have your laptop working again. If you get a new board, you should be able to transfer your CPU to the new board given you carefully order the a board with the same chipset (Intel or AMD).

In most cases, the BIOS chip is not the problem unless one were to lose power to the laptop right when flashing the BIOS chip. If that was the case, that's your problem, but otherwise, another major component on the board is bad which can not be easily repaired without replacing the board.

Hope this is of some help to you. Have a great day!

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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