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QUESTION: As per your instructions I told my computer technician to increase ram and hdd for motherboard D865GBF, so he told me to change the processor as well because old one may give poor performance with new ram and hdd. what you think my mb requires a new processor if yes than which one? kindly guide me soon. And which and what capacity ram and hdd should I buy? reply soon. take care

ANSWER: If I am not mistaken you said you had a P4 now. Your motherboard is socket 478. This will hold Celeron and Pentium 4 processors. It will not hold dual core processors. They started at socket 775 and the AM2s. The simplest way to upgrade your processor is to find a socket 478 P4 that is faster than your present processor. I believe the fastest non-overclocked P4 is around 3.0 to 3.4GHZ. Sorry I can't remember what speed yours is (you must have started a new question so I don't have that info at hand) but here is a 3.0ghz P4 socket 478 at amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Pentium-3-0-GHz-Socket-800FSB/dp/B0011DVXLK

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QUESTION: Actually I had asked that my mb is D865GBF, Ram 2gb and hdd 4gb. You instructed to just change the ram and hdd to increase performance but did not say how which company and what capacity. And when I asked technician to do so he told me to change processor and mb also if I want. Then he insisted to change ram, hdd and processor to increase the speed and performance. Now get confused what exactly should I do. The main thing is that my desktop pc is running slow and I just want to speed it up so for next 5 years as I cant afford new pc. One more thing wan to know that by downloading and installing programms pc is running very slow so I decided to format it with xp professional sp2. Before that I back device drivers by using double driver tool. May you tell me is there any software or process by which I can backup all loaded applications driver or their setup in a single executable file so that after installation of xp I can install them too in one go like device driver. Kindly reply soon. Take care.

ANSWER: I am not going to argue with your "technician". After all, he is working on your computer and I am just on an internet site half way around the world answering a question. I will explain this again in the terms of money. The "technician" works on your computer for money that you pay him (as a side note: I make no money offering my advice). Now here it is broke down in US dollars.
New HDD- $60
2GB RAM- $50
$110 total money spent

New motherboard- the cheapest you can get: approx. $60, for a good one more like $100
New HDD- $60
4GB minimum RAM- $60
Power supply- $50
Processor- Dual core $120
Total: $350

This is just an approximation but is probably pretty accurate. It just comes down to money. What you want to spend. This is not even taking into consideration what the "technician" charges for labor.

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QUESTION: Thanks again for your reply. but didn't tell me what capacity and of which company I should buy ram and hdd as per current condition of my pc. And is there any tool by application drivers can be backup and restore. At present I am using Windows XP Office so can I install MS-Office 2003, 2005 or 2007 which one. And can I uninstall xp professional and install Windows 7 professional. current configuration is Motherboard: D865GBF, RAM DDR 2GB, HDD Sata 40GB. Kindly reply soon. Take care see you again.

I would stick with XP Pro. It will do best with your hardware. As far as hard drives, I like Seagate. With RAM, I would go to www.crucial.com or www.tigerdirect.com. I don't know for sure but you may have to search a little if the compatible RAM for your system is no longer available retail. As for brands, I like Crucial and Kingston.  

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