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QUESTION: I have a asus p8z68 deluxe motherboard. I need 32gb to set up a ram disk I also like gaming and overclocking. Depending on which is the oc that I can set up my future memories would be the best choice price/performance?

corsair dominator platinum
patriot viper 3 extreme master
Kingston hyper x beast

r good memos but maybe r much for this motherboard and there is something close to the budget 190u$s

extra info:
i5 2500k cpu
already have ssd

ANSWER: That is a beast of a motherboard. I would max it out on RAM with no faster than recommended by ASUS http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_1155/P8Z68_DELUXE/#specifications
Either type of RAM between corsair and kingston will be fine.

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QUESTION: well that wont be a bad option but I dont have a budget like that..

which would be a good option that oc and reach like the 2133? I got like 190u$s to spend...

ANSWER: You are right. That is quite expensive if you are talking 32GB http://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Dominator-Platinum-Desktop-CMD8GX3M2A2133C9/dp/B00
That link is just for 8GB!!
Now, how much RAM can you afford or are you asking about overclocking your existing RAM? If you are an novice overclocker you will know about cooling. The types of memory you list are for overclocking (maybe you already know that too???Sorry) but overclocking can cause the overall heat of your case to go up more so than overclocking the processor.
Get back with me so we can break this down. For now I would suggest getting what memory you can with the money you have, have proper temp monitoring, and oc little by little. If you have done any oc at all you will know that the system will crash when you go too far. It is not always because of temps. All the timings and clock settings have to be compatible. Most of the time the only way you will get there is by trial and error. As a note, I must add that a small bit of overclocking processors, memory, and graphics cards goes a long way and is a lot more stable. Plus, every time your system crashes due to overclocking, I believe you are doing a little to a lot of damage to the components (especially reducing the life of the components that are overclocked). The only 100% true clock setting is from the factory.

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QUESTION: yes and no...

Yes I've been ocing my systems and..

and NO U don't short the life spam of the components just when the system crashe) if not with windows 98 my computer won't last for 8 years...

well mems generates just a lil bit of heat most of the heat is generated by mainly the cpu and gpu (but I suppossed u know that already)

I was looking for info about a good memory to buy with my budget but I only got just not much money to spend on the memory I'm not a US capitalist consumer so I cant afford almost any hardware as some could..

BTW thx for ur advices and sharing ur knowledge :-)

Emiliano, if you are saying that I am a US capitalist consumer (That is pretty good!!), I guess you are right. I am an American citizen and I guess it is a capitalist country. However, the part about "afford almost any hardware" is totally false. I can prove it to you. If you have $190 to spend on memory for your computer you are much better off than me, financially.
I'm not sure what else to say. It seems you know more about computers, overclocking, memory, etc. than I do. Good luck in your endeavors with your computer.  

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