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QUESTION: I Have a Galexy Video Card Model GeForce GT 610 GC
and I would like you to tell me in your own words what a fue things meen I thought I new but I just get more mixedup?

CUDA Cores 48   does this meen my Video Card has 48 Cores?

Processor Speed 1648 MHz   Is this how fast the CPU is on my Video Card I think this is the GPU right?

Graphics Speed 820 MHz   What is this?

Memory Speed 500 MHz Effective 1,000 MHz   I have DDR3 Memory on my Video Card and I know this is the Speed but why does it say Effective 1,000 MHz?

Thank you for the help.

ANSWER: I'll see if I can answer these questions the best I can. Video Cards are probably the most complex, and fastest changing, component technology in a computer.

Yes, that number means your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) has 48 cores that it uses to process graphics rendering commands. CUDA stands for Compute Unified Device Architecture.

Basically it uses the GPU, which can process commands in pairs (parallel) slowly, versus a CPU which processes commands quickly but only one at a time.

Wikipedia has a much more in-depth, technical gibberish description here:

The Processor Speed of 1640 MHz is the total speed of the GPU processing, which is the listed Graphics Speed of 820 MHz x 2 for that parallel CUDA processing ability that I mentioned earlier.

The Memory Speed is 2 channels of DDR3 500 MHz RAM, total effective speed of 1,000 MHz. It essentially processing incoming commands at 500 MHz and outgoing commands at 500 MHz at the same time so the effective speed is listed at 1000 MHz.

I'm not entirely sure these descriptions made much more sense to you but hopefully that helps clear it up a bit.

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QUESTION: Well this is what I sould have asked?
The Processor is 1648 MHz
The Graphics Speed is 420 MHz

Are they not the same what is the diferance?

Not really sure where you're getting those specs from because none of the sites on that card I find have those numbers. Such as these:



The Graphics Speed\Clock should be half of what the Processor Speed\Clock is as the Graphics Speed is per channel.  

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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