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QUESTION: my asus laptop is overheating. we took the battery out for a while and the laptop still gets hot. we checked the vent and the fan and the heat sink and they were clean of obstruction. any ideas?

ANSWER: How is the laptop being used when this happens? Is the machine still under warranty?


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QUESTION: thanks for the quick reply. the laptop is being used on a table for routine computing. initially, it would get very hot when we were streaming video from youtube.. now, it seems to get hot even with WORD and CHROME based activity.

That's certainly problematic - my initial assumption is that you were experiencing this during very intensive tasks (like gaming or encoding HD video). If the machine is still under warranty, I'd see if you can't get Asus to repair or replace the machine due to this. If the machine isn't under warranty, or you don't want to hassle with that, I'd try a cooling pad that's appropriate for the size of machine you have.


PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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