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hello sir, yesterday when i start my pc it did not start...then i open my cabinet and intetchange RAM slots..then it start up. but after this when i start it ., it does not boot from hdd. my hdd not working and hdd led not blinking.. when i start my hdd generate a sound then it stops responding... this pc is 4yrs old..... please give some solution..

Are you saying the machine will boot, but the operating system will not load? If so there is still some kind of issue with the RAM due to the fact that the machine would not boot until you swapped slots. Was there any electrical problems in your area, like power going on and off and/or power surges or spikes?
Without knowing exactly I'll throw out a few things to try in no particular order.
See if you can boot to a disk. An OS disk or any boot disk that allows you to access the command prompt. Run the command chkdsk /r. If it fails, the hard drive is most likely toast.
Check the connections on the hard drive. Re-seat all connections.
According to what OS you are running, booting to the disk may have a memory tester option. Test the RAM.
An ideal test is to have another machine that you could put the drive in as a secondary drive. Easy access for testing or just to see if it works at all.
Let me know any other details.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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