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Dear Sir,
Please help me!
My pc, primarily psu is making strange sounds, like boiling water. I have checked my hard disk, and it is ok, using windows. I have even cleaned my motherboard, fan,and heatsink. The psu is new, but still making strange sounds. My pc got off on itself, especially when voltage fluctuates. Please suggest me where could be the problem.

If the PSU makes such sounds, replace it immediately. Also check for any blown capacitors on your motherboard. Voltage fluctuation can cause capacitors to blow if the voltage goes higher than intended. If your motherboard does not have blown capacitors, you are lucky to make it this far. Whatever brand you got the power supply from is most likely a cheap/junk brand. The brand I've had great experiences with are Antec, ThermalTake, and RocketFish. RocketFish is probably the cheapest of the three, and they still deliver really good power supplies and last a long time. I got a 500 watt PSU for 25 bucks new a few years ago and it still rocks to this day!

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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