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I've been using my Toshiba laptop for roughly 7 years.

Now I want to purchase a Lenovo ( brand new ). I've noticed
that the RAM ( from 2 GB to 4 GB ) makes a huge price difference.

I was thinking of purchasing a Lenovo ( with windows 8 and 2 GB RAM ) and adding my Toshiba's RAM to my new Lenovo ( so I can save money )

Can I do such a thing?

Would the hardware from a 7 year Toshiba be compatible with hardware from a brand new Lenovo?

Thank you

Age isn't, by itself, able to tell us if this would work. However, it does tell us that this is very unlikely to work - the old system probably uses a different type of memory than the new Lenovo, and the memory may not be easily accessible on one or both systems as well.

How big of a price difference are we talking about though? (if you could provide a link to the system you're considering from Lenovo, that'd be even more helpful - it would let me see what we're talking about in detail) Memory is cheap (and has been for quite some time) - unless the system you're looking at uses something exotic, it shouldn't be much of a difference at all in total price (4GB of DDR3 for a notebook is around $40 as a single module). My advice at this point would be to either re-consider the system overall (again, this is why I'm curious as to which model you're looking at - specifically), especially if it's not coming from Lenovo directly (if this is a local retailer or system integrator sticking you with a >$100 upcharge for some extra memory, I would honestly advise you to walk away), however if the system otherwise offers a good set of hardware features, and can have its memory upgraded (not all modern laptops actually support this, at least easily), it may be reasonable to buy an upgrade memory module and take that route. It would also keep the Toshiba operational, instead of sacrificing its functionality (with no memory, it would not be usable).

If you have further questions or need clarification, feel free to ask.


PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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