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Hi i was wondering if you could help i used to use my Asus X52F laptop for business i have now upgraded my business laptop and now use the Asus X52F for gaming at present it is running an Intel i3 M370 Processor with 3GB of ram the processor socket has a PGA989 think this could be a pattern number? i was wondering if i could upgrade this to 1st even a 2nd gen Intel i7 processor but not sure which are compatible with this socket could you please tell me what would be compatible.
Thank you for your time

There is a pretty good chance the better processor would be perfectly compatible with your current laptop motherboard. If your motherboard is of the removable processor type (not soldered into place), the processor of the same socket would fit and the BIOS would likely recognize the processor through the BIOS.


If you want to upgrade the processor in a laptop, please do some major research on the current processor you have and the processor you want to put in. Laptops are designed to keep up with a certain amount of heat generation and different processors have different levels of max heat generation. For example, your current processor may output a max TDP of 25 watts. The new processor may output a TDP of 35 watts. This will run things significantly hotter and risk overheating the components if your computer was not designed to keep up with the larger amount of heat being generated while trying to keep things cool.

I would advise not to upgrade the processor in your laptop as the difference between the i3 and the i7 is likely not something you'll notice a big difference on a laptop anyways as there are many other HUGE factors that slow the computer down, making even the fastest computer feel very slow. This includes the hard drive RPM and data transfer speed, amount of RAM and how the RAM and Paging file is configured to work together, the memory controller speed, the graphics controller (huge for games and 3D applications), the OS and how it is configured for bloatware, junk programs that take up a lot of resources, greyware (Slowing down the Internet connectivity), and more.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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