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I bought this new laptop-LENOVO IDEAPAD Z585 recently.
my main use was gaming. i bought the lap knowin that it had 2 GB graphics memory. processor is amd quad core A8.But i find almost all good games to be uncompatible. I dont have much knowledge adout pc hardwares. and i am very eager to some how make my lap useful. so i have decided either my processor or gpu..Can i do that , if so give me the cheapest nd best procssor i must buy to replace the old one.....

I know what laptop you have because two friends of mine bought the same one. The specs for the laptop are much more powerful than any game would require to play. Replacing the CPU would not change a thing in gaming, and if the GPU is too slow for the games you've selected to play, try playing on lower graphics settings.

The GPU in laptops can not be upgraded. 95% of laptops, the GPU is irreplaceable as it is soldered to the motherboard.  In >5% of laptops is the GPU actually replaceable and upgrade-able. Those are super expensive custom laptops, such as those manufactured by Sager.

If you are unable to play the games at all, there may be compatibility issues with the game and the operating system. If the games are working but are unplayable even on lower graphics settings, may I suggest that a laptop is not a device to be playing such games in the first place as they are not designed for that.

If you want to game portable, may I suggest these custom gaming laptop options:

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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