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Good Evening :)

I'm writing tonight to get some info on an external, 2 TB hard drive. I have one, that after falling off of a stand, decided not to work or even be read by the computer any more
It Still fires up though :)  I have little knowledge of these kind of thing, so I decided to check with Someone that Might and am Hoping that Someone is You :)

I want to find out, if what I had one my External HD can be recovered. I look at it like a memory stick or a DVD Rom or Cd player. If the system or reader goes down, you can take that memory out of the player or in this case the hard drive box and put it into another reader, to either watch it or at least retrieve it, to copy it off to another hard drive... Just not sure if it's that simple or if it will even work???

Any help you can give me on this subject, would be GREATLY APPRECIATED :)

Have a Nice Night!

The only way to recovery files off a bad hard drive is to send the hard drive to a recover company. The recovery process is long, tedious, and requires expensive materials to perform. The procedure is nothing someone at their home could do. The first thing you need in order to perform the data recovery process is to take apart the hard drive in a specialized dust free room, something that by itself is expensive and hard to do/maintain.

In short, recovering the hard drive yourself or replacing a simple little part is something that you won't be doing yourself. Do not even attempt to open up the casing as doing so risks getting dust inside the shell and onto the platters and reading head, making recovery for the recovery companies harder and more costly.

Judging from what you told me on how it stopped working, I'm going to guess the swing arm with the reading head is damaged. The hard drive spins up, which means the motor is still good. If the hard drive was running at the time that it fell, the damage to the patters (the discs that hold the information) could be catastrophic. If the hard drive was not powered on when it fell, the damage to the platters could be minimal to none.

Have a great day, sorry to hear about the hard drive.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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