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I have a Dell inspiron 1525.  For some strange reason, it keeps shutting itself down only while typing.  I ran diagnostics, system restore, new hard drive, u name it I done it.  So I took my keyboard from my desktop and plugged it in my laptop.  Typed a few paragraphs and stayed on.  I left it on for a few hours without using it and it didn't shutdown.  I left it on until the battery died...never shutdown. Does this sound like a motherboard problem.  I even unseated the keyboard from the laptop and put it back on.  Still shutdown afterwards.  Motherboard maybe?  That's the only think I can think of.

What I would do before I confirm anything is to take your laptop keyboard out of the laptop, then run the laptop with your external keyboard (so you can make sure it still accepts user input). I would then put slight pressure on the computer where the keyboard would normally sit. Test multiple areas to cover the whole area of concern. If it still shuts down, yes, the motherboard is probably bad in some form or fashion, such as a crack, or loose component on the board itself (or a bad solder on a component at the least).

If the computer still runs fine with the pressure test, there may be a shorting problem inside the keyboard or there may be a shorting problem between the motherboard and the keyboard.

If you are able to, get your hands on another 1525 keyboard without spending money just for testing purposes. If the other keyboard works fine with a thorough test, just purchase a new keyboard, install it, and enjoy.

If the second keyboard also causes the same problem, the problem may be shorting between the motherboard and keyboard bottom plate. Laptops are installed with a clear plastic layer installed like a sticker that protects the motherboard from this very thing. If your motherboard appears to be missing this clear plastic, I would acquire some that can be applied to your board. There will be multiple sections cut out from the plastic large enough to clear the connectors that immediately connect the top components, such as the touch pad, webcam, video cable connector, and keyboard. If you acquire the plastic, make sure to mark out all the connectors, then cut the plastic to fit and apply. Don't use any glues, just use the adhesive that's already on the plastic sticker.

On a side note, your 1525 is easy to clean the heatsink grill and access the CPU, so I would also clean the heatsink to minimize any heat related problems with your motherboard turning off  when pressure of any kind is applied. When you clean the heatsink, you'll need to clean the old thermal compound on both the CPU and heatsink and apply new thermal compound for the best running temperatures around.

Hope something here can help you out. I hope you don't have to replace the mainboard. The Inspiron 1525 is a decent laptop. I own two of them myself. Have a great day!

P.S. Please excuse any spelling errors. The page screwed up so bad mid type that I didn't take the time to spell check myself

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