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My labtop is dieing , i heard a cli cking at  the  left  side of the  cpu. I moved the labtop  and it would click the clicking then stopped completely. After that my labtop kept  shutting down after 5 mins. Im pretty sure this means my fan needs to be replaced . I wanted to try and get some important stuff off my laptop i didnt what the techs looking at like my pictures and pictures i drew   but inthe end i may have made things worse ...  Now my labtop does come on but everything on my desktop is gone and my wallpaper is now factory settings ... It says my information is corupt . My question is  once i fix the fan is the information on my harddrive saveable? My labtop is a vaio somy i had it for 5  years please help!!!

Clicking isn't usually caused by the fan. Clicking is usually cause by a bad hard drive, which perfectly explains the corrupt data.

Put your ear to the fan vents and listen for any noise in terms of moving air. If you can't feel much air moving around, but you can hear the fan spinning, you may have blocked heatsink vents, in which the case would be why your computer turned off after 5 minutes.

I would get a can of compressed air and blow out the vents thoroughly while the computer is running so you have a better chance of removing either the dust layer that is blocking the heat, or whatever may be jamming the fan in general, which could be just a lot of dust.

So to answer your question, your hard drive is unlikely savable. If the hard drive was damaged via shock or pressure (say dropped or crushed), the likelihood of the data being able to be retrieved is slim to none, unless you send the hard drive to a data recovery center which is pretty expensive.

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PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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