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It is really hard to tell where to post this question!
I have a really high quality and expensive Sony thumb drive that has - out of the blue - decided for itself that it is now write protected!  I can no longer edit, delete, or add new files!
Seriously - what the hell!

Hello Debra. There could be a few issues I can point out, one of which could be your problem.

Sometimes with these high quality flash drives, included is software for protecting your drive from being able to be used. If there is such software with your flash drive (may be on the flash drive itself on a different partition), I would check the settings and change them if necessary.

If you have no luck with the software that came with the flash drive (if any), let me ask this: Can you COPY your files from the USB drive? Copying may still work since it doesn't have to write anything to the drive to do so. If so, I would recommend backing up all your data on it, then format it, then test the flash drive with some files, if all good, put your files back on it (But always having a backup of them on your computer just in case.

If a format doesn't work, I am going to deem your flash drive bad (or a faulty connection exists). Flash drives have a certain amount of times they can be written to before the chip becomes very worn out and not able to hold data anymore. If the flash drive was heavily used, or is over a few years old with regular use, the chip may be worn out.

If it is a faulty connection, try a different USB port on your computer. If that doesn't work, has the flash drive accidentally been bent where the metal port meets the plastic recently? I've had a few flash drives break on me from that. The bending puts stress on solder inside the flash drives motherboard itself and a few may break off of their connection. I've been able to take them apart and re-solder them on so the flash drive still works like a charm.

Hope something here helps you out! Have a great day!

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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