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  I have a Compaq desktop with Vista.  It has always had a problem with crashing saying it has recovered from a video problem.  I decided to go inside and clean it.  I took the cpu fan and cooler off the chip and blew it out and put it back on.  Now I notice the two fans always seem to be running and they are very noisy.  The air coming out is not hot so I don't know why they are running.  Did I do wrong taking off that aluminum thing with the fan on top the chip?  What can I do now?

You did not do a "wrong" thing. There are a few things that you did not mention that if not done can make the processor overheat or run hotter than normal. However, the CPU (fan on top of the aluminum heatsink) fan should run all the time. Really they all should run continuously, speeding up when the temp goes up.
Did you clean the bottom of the heatsink that touches the back of the processor? You should apply new thermal paste. You can get it at www.tigerdirect.com or a computer store near you. Don't over do it. Just a BB size drop will do. If there is no thermal paste now or just the remnants of what came from the factory, it will run hotter than normal.
One other thing, are the fans blowing in the right direction? You mentioned two fans. The CPU fan and another fan. Both should be blowing out. The CPU fan should be blowing away from the heatsink under it and the other fan should be blowing out of the case.
Let me know how it goes.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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