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Hi Ricardo

I just purchased a new Toshiba computer using Windows 8. This computer sometimes keeps wanting to restart it self. It says the error is a “system_service_exception”

Do you know what we can do to solve this problem?

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Hi Sterling,

Had seen the problem often lately with Toshiba laptops running Windows 8. Have to warn you before going further: I'm not a fan of either company, since both are known for rushing to release faulty products to the market and then blaming the customers.
Said so, the message may be true (not very often in any version of Windows) and point to a faulty RAM board or a motherboard addressing problem. Most likely it is pointing to a driver conflict with some drivers stepping on another addressing space.
Either way, since the laptop is new, the easiest solution for you is (after backing up your files) is taking it back to the store for a fix or a replacement. If you decide for a fix, be aware that most likely they will re-image the drive. As soon as you get the laptop, new or fixed, while disconnected from the Internet, turn off Windows automatic update.

Hope it helps,

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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