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Dear Sir,

My IBM desktop PC running with win XP SP3. When I try to shutdown it from start button it will take restart. But its take restart when I press restart button from my start button. I canít shutdown my computer. When I press its power button physically once it will also restart.

Please help me how can I shutdown my computer.

Thanks in advance

If you've added any new hardware right before this started happening, I suggest removing it as that is the problem. If you have not added any new hardware at all, it could be a driver issue, specifically with your networking. Go to the Device Manger To get there, click "Start"--->right-click "My Computer"--->click "properties". Once the new window appears, click the "Hardware" tab then click "Device Manager" below. At the device manager, look around for "Network adapters" and click the "+" sign to expand the devices if not already showing. Look to see if there are any yellow exclamation marks or yellow question marks on any of the devices. If so, you need to update the driver or install it completely if one has not been installed before.

If there are no marking on the network devices, try disabling the Ethernet driver by right clicking it and clicking "Disable". If you have a wireless card in that list as well, disable that too. Then try to shut down. Some people have claimed it works, but that is only if the actual networking drivers were actually the problem. If it does not work, just go back into the Device manager and re-enable the devices so you have internet connectivity again.

If the networking is not the issue after the above steps, restart in Safe Mode (by continuously tapping F8 right after the POST screen (the VERY first thing you see when you turn on your computer) passes by until you see the choice menu. Arrow up or down to get to "Safe Mode" in the list and hit Enter. If it shuts down perfectly fine once you do, then you may have a program/services conflict. That being said, if you recently installed ANY programs right before the issue started occurring, I suggest you remove it to solve the issue. The programs installed can also come with services, and if it's a program you absolutely need, try to see if it has a related service that runs in the background and try disabling it. Most services that run with programs are not required to run the program, but are usually simple things like an auto-updater.

Hope something here is of some use for you.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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