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I've got a Dell XPS 410 running Windows XP Pro.
A couple of things I really dislike about it are that:
1.  Both the keyboard and the mouse connect via USB connections, and
2.  It has no floppy drive.

Would it be real complicated to add a card that would let me connect the keyboard and mouse via the old serial PS/2 connections?  And would it be real complicated to add a floppy drive?  I've taken a working floppy drive out of an older computer, and it looks like it'll fit.  (There is a space on the XPS 410 for a floppy.)  Would I have to make any new complicated changes in the current bootup settings?

Any suggestions/advice you could give are greatly appreciated.
Warm regards,

There are two options for the PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports. You can either get a PCI card which has the ports built in (get here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Syba-SD-NECPS-2U2PS2-PCI-2xUSB-2-0-2xPS2-Combo-Card-/170) . Getting this card, you will likely have to install drivers that come with the card unless otherwise noted in the package.


You can get a USB to PS/2 cable which takes only one USB slot, and powers both a PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keybaord. This method is cheaper and works in any computer that has USB 2.0 (which outputs 5V of power compared to 3.3V in USB 1.0/1.1) Your computer has all USB 2.0, so there wouldn't be any problems with this.

For your floppy drive situation, the slot should be able to house a floppy drive just fine, however you will have to check if your power supply has a floppy drive power port (same voltages as a hard drive or CD/DVD drive, except the plug is much smaller and only fits in the floppy drive power input. You will also have to check if your motherboard has a floppy controller. According to research on your model, it appears it does have this port, but just check to make sure as some models have the solder joints for one that was supposed to be installed by the factory, but never actually installed it. This is also common for AGP and PCI-e ports.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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