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Can you give my any information about a hard drive that I have,
It's a Shugart Model 706

I was likely off on date. The ST-506 came out in 1980 and was 5MB. The 706 is 6MB and the date for the manual is 1983 so I'd say you can safely put the manufacturing date at 1983. There might be actual date code markings on any circuit board, if there is one, or components.

I can tell you it's potentially worth a small fortune to a collector if you can find one but good luck getting it repaired (saw your post on the Seagate forum).

Shugart changed their name to Seagate in 1979 so it's likely mid 1970s and is a 6 MB hard drive.

If you don't get any curious Seagate techs to respond there's a chance that a Data Recovery company might be able to repair it since those guys know hard drives very well. They generally have to take them apart in clean room environments for data recovery so, the reverse of that, they might be able to fix yours.

The manual for it is actually scanned and available online.


Every bit of information about that drive is in that pdf.

I'd love to get some updates on whether or not you end up able to get it working.  

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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