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Dear Sir, I have a Dell laptop which runs Win XP. I want to give it away.

However, I read that there are ways to recover your sensitive data even after you deleted it.

So for security, what can I do to make sure everything on my hard drive is gone forever?

Thank you.

They say if you reformat a hard drive you will erase everything. This may be true. But how sensitive is the information on your computer? Keep in mind if the data is not sensitive (if no one can steal your identity, etc.) A reformat of the drive/drives may be enough. More sensitive data should be erased with a program like some of the ones on this page
or the drive should be removed altogether. Bottom line; it doesn't take a computer genius to google "recover lost data" to come up with something that could recover data from a hard drive that had been reformatted. Be safe and remove your most sensitive data with a program like one of the ones in the link at the very least.

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