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FSP Saga 2 500w PSU vs ThermalTake 500w Toughpower q-fan PSU
Which is better and why ? can you rate both of them out of 10 please ?
Much thanks

I am not a parts specific comparison expert when it comes to specific models of anything. They are both rated for 500 watts. The questions you have to ask yourself are what are the user ratings on it. Is it 80 certified? If it's certified, what level certification does it have (bronze, silver, or gold)?

Personally I'd go with a better known brand out there with more quality parts and a well known good reputation. You do not want to buy less known name brands or sometimes referred to as "no name" brands because there are many stories of power supplies from these manufacturers of catastrophic failure that burned out not only the power supply, everything the power supply was connected to.

If you want a good brand at a cheap price, I'd go with RocketFish. I personally use this brand for all my power supplies if I can't afford an Antec power supply at the time I require.

Also, if you are requiring 500 watts for your setup, you don't want to get a 500 watt power supply. You actually want 600 watts or better because of the 80 plus certification factor, wear and tear over time (a power supply will lose some total output over time), and the fact that the power supply is stressed most at a cold boot, requiring more than the rated power demand calculated.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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