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QUESTION: I use an hp 2800+ amd athlon xp processor (that's what is on the sticker, sorry, I'm old and don't know computers)
Have been told I don't have enough ram by dealers. Can't afford a new pc so....
How do I tell what "type" ram will fit and can be used?
Any help is greatly appreciated? Thank you in advance!

ANSWER:  Without knowing the specific make/model of your PC I can't tell you what memory but what you can do is download, install, and run a program called CPU-Z.


What it does is scan your computer and pop up with a little utility that shows the systems specs, including memory type. There will be a Memory tab and on that will list Type and that's the kind of memory you need. It'll also list how much you currently have.
There's also a Mainboard tab that will list your motherboard model number. If you let me know this information I can tell you how much memory your system can handle. Unfortunately some older PCs have maximums of either 2GB or at best 4GB so there's possibly no way to increase your memory if your older PC is already at the maximum.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry it took me a few days. Had 3 grandkids graduating, all in different schools. Anyway,

Type: DDR
Size: 1024 MBYTES
DRAMFrequency: 166.7

ASUSTek Computer INC.
Model   KELUT

Hopefully this is what you need. Anything else, let me know. Appreciate the help!

Got a step-daughter in her first year of college. They grow up way too quickly. :)

For sake of having a list of the computer specifics, this is the page:


Now, the memory maximum for it is 2048 MB, or 2GB, so twice the amount you currently have. It has two memory slots.
The memory type is called PC2700 DDR, such as the one listed here:


DDR is fairly old so chances are you won't find it in stores but it is available online.

Generally 1GB is around $30 and I'd personally just recommend buying two 1GB sticks, putting in the new ones, and just tossing the old ones.

Now, the unfortunate part. 2GB is still really not much, so your PC is still going to be a bit slow in some instances. For $60 I'd still recommend giving this a try and see how well it improves what you want to do.

Hopefully that helps  

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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