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Bobbert!  I'm not sure what kind of technician to ask this question to, but your replies are so good I'm sure you can help me. I have an HP G60-63OUS notebook.  To get on the internet I use a Verizon bar that goes into the side of my laptop that they call a wireless connection. I have two USB ports, the bar will fit in either. I've now purchased a Nook which needs wifi to be on the internet. The Nook came with a wire that has a USB connection end and a 30-in port end for charging and connecting to a computer. What I'd like to know is, if I put the 30-pt end of the wire into the Nook, and the USB end into the other USB port of my laptop, will the Nook have an internet connection?  I imagine shorting out both if I tried it without asking someone first!  What do you think?  The Nook asks for an ISS number to put in for another network, where do I find that number?  Thank you!

Connecting valid USB devices in a proper/logical manner - as you've described here - should never result in a short or hardware damage. However I'm guessing the only thing the Nook will "do" when connected in this manner is charge itself off of the laptop's USB port (which will likely shorten battery life if the laptop isn't hooked up to A/C power), and prompt the laptop to ask for software to "connect" to the Nook. B&N mentions in the owner's manual that such software is not required, however the Nook application for Windows should allow you to synchronize between the two devices (my understanding, however, is this would require both devices to have Internet connectivity of their own).

That said, it will not share the Internet connection to the Nook via the USB connection. Barnes & Noble has an FAQ item that details this a bit more: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/Support-NOOK-Tablet/379003185 (Item #12 under "Connectivity").

They also explain the update procedure via USB to the Nook, just for future reference:
http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/Software-Updates-NOOK-Tablet/379003187 (the second item - "Get 1.4.3 Today").

Now, as far as getting a WiFi/data connection for your device -

The Verizon hardware for your computer sounds like it's associated with Verizon's cellular service, which is distinct from WiFi, and relies on that USB device being connected to your computer. It almost certainly will not work with the Nook itself, nor can it be used to readily provide WiFi to other devices. My advice would be to contact Verizon and ask about connecting multiple devices - they may be able to provide you with a more universal "hotspot" type device that provides an Internet connection via WiFi (which both the Nook and your laptop could connect to, as opposed to just the device plugging into your laptop).

Alternately, you can download books to your computer and transfer them over to the Nook via the USB connection. The owner's manual explains this starting on page 51: http://img1.imagesbn.com/PImages/nook/2/mediakit/userguide_NOOK_110601.pdf (this is a large document, and may take a minute to open). Page 58 has a more detailed set of instructions for transferring files to the Nook from your PC.

If your goal is simply to have a few books on the device, downloading them via USB is probably the easiest (and cheapest) option, however if you're going to be downloading things frequently, or want the device to synchronize with a periodical or similar, I would suggest contacting Verizon regarding a "hotspot" device to allow the Nook its own Internet connection. Alternately, any other ISP that will provide (or allow connection of) a WiFi router would be perfectly suitable to this end.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.


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