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Hei...I have a small question for you!I am replacing my motherboard..only motherboard..so I have to install those items like hard disks,dvd drive,processor etc..so do I need to do stuffs in BIOS..I am not very expert in these things..Thanks in advance for the fastest reply!!!!

Generally speaking, modern boards will automatically configure these features for you. However just to be safe, it is advisable to double-check their settings in the BIOS, to ensure that nothing is amiss (it can also help you to see if you've missed connecting a device (e.g. if the BIOS doesn't "see" one of your hard drives, you will know to check that connection)).

Additionally, unless you're replacing the pre-existing motherboard with an identical model (same part number, revision number, etc), you will also need to re-install your operating system and drivers to ensure that things work correctly.

This guide, starting from page 5, may be helpful to you:


PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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