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I have an HP Pavilion Slimline that I bought all of two months ago. One day early last week it wouldn't wake up. I powered off by the power button and it never came back on. I called HP and spoke with them for well over an hour and determined that I had a bad power supply. I got a replacement and installed it myself and the computer works.

But the chassis fan isn't being recognized. I spent over 90 minutes on the phone today and per their less than helpful tech support they believe I need to send it off for service. I've had the damn thing since May - understand my frustration.

I don't even remember all the things we checked. From the bios to system setup it doesn't seem to be recognizing it. The thing is plugged in and nothing seems to my eyes to be fried.

Do you have any ideas as to anything else I can do to keep from having to send it off to God knows where and be without it for two weeks? I'm working on 3 different writing projects right now so I really don't want to be without for 2 weeks.

Well I can first say I agree with you on the less than helpful support from computer manufacturer companies.

Now if the power supply failed on your computer (which made you change it out), there's a very high chance something on the motherboard failed as well. I actually have an HP motherboard with the same exact issue, and I've yet to find the component causing the issue, but as a computer technician, I know the original root cause was indeed the power supply. The chassis fan does run, but it is not recognized by the board. I would like to think the sensor for the chassis fan simply blew, but I can not be certain. The chassis fan not detected error actually stops me from being able to boot into my OS. I'm not sure how close your HP motherboard is to mine, but I would look in the BIOS (of the motherboard lets you) and see if there is an option to tun off error messages and/or POST testing. This may allow you to bypass the errors that are halting you from using the computer otherwise normally.

If you are unable to to the above, open up the side panel and take a look at the board, and if you can, take a picture or two and upload them to me via a follow up question and I'll see if I can locate a failed component on your board.

If you are still under warrantee, I would suggest having the computer sent back anyways, and just using another PC to do your work, even if you have to borrow it from a friend. Though the computer essentially may be send to India/China, it may be worth the wait because there is otherwise not a lot of online information about the chassis fan issue that not only you have encountered, but I have encountered.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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