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QUESTION: I have a HP laptop with i5 processor, 2gb ram.
Now the screen shows nothing, not even with external monitor.

Caps and num lock leds are blinking three times which i cheked for the codes and it is for memory modules. But i checked the memory modules and they are working fine.

Any help would be appreciated!!

ANSWER: How did you check the memory modules? Did you check them with something that you booted to (Memtest for example)? The reason I wanted to know is, how do you know the memory is working correctly if the computer won't come on? I would say you could make sure the memory is working correctly by 1. Taking it out and putting it in a working computer that it is compatible with. 2. Running a program like Memtest. You burn it to a disk as a bootable disk and it tests the memory. (If your machine will not allow you to boot to a disk because of the problem this will not work).
Get back with me with more details.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: yes i checked it by replacing it on another laptop. I also did the windows memory diagnosis which showed nio error.

Knowing that I would say that the video chip maybe bad. If the internal and external monitors show nothing and the blink code means memory, I notice if the lights blink 4 times it means graphics. I wonder if the code is just off. Being that you cannot see anything, therefore can't take any corrective steps yourself (plus, it is a laptop), I would take it to a computer shop or store and see what they say. Sometimes it is cheaper to get a new one than replace a motherboard in one.  

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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