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sir, i have a dell xps L502x model.My specs are:

System Summary Mainboard



MHz Physical Memory

DDR3-SDRAM ) Video Card

Hard Disk

(500GB) CD-Rom Drive

CD-Rom Drive

Device DVD-Rom Drive

8A5SH Monitor Type

inches Network Card

1030 Network Card

RTL8168/8111 Operating System

Premium Home Edition(64-bit) DirectX

Windows Performance Index

So as i want to upgrade my RAM to 8GB ,i would like to buy 4GB RAM . But i know that if the latencies of the two RAM are not same then the system performance is reduced.Would you please tell me whether my motherboard supports 16GB of RAM or not.So please suggest me a good 4GB RAM which is available in india. I have cornered on these two: http://www.flipkart.com/kingston-ddr3-4-gb-1-x-gb-dell-laptop-ram-ktd-l3c-4gfr/p RAMD947ZMNHBPUN5&ref=349edc7c-e4db-4f7c-8aa3-ecd498446c3e

http://www.flipkart.com/corsair-ddr3-4-gb-laptop-ram-cmso4gx3m1a1333c9/p/itmdfyq RAMD2RYPJHCFQJBC&ref=349edc7c-e4db-4f7c-8aa3-ecd498446c3e


Well the information you have posted to me is not clear what so ever. You did provide the model number however, so that will be enough info to answer your question.

No, your computer will not support 16GB of RAM. It will support a max of 8GB. Yes, when it comes to matching the memory, you are correct. I don't know how much RAM your system currently has since that information was never posted. If your computer came with 4GB of RAM, the RAM modules in your computer are most likely 2 x 2GB, so if you want to upgrade your computer to 8GB, you will need to buy two 4GB memory chips. Given the latency and non-matched memory of only buying one, you'd need to buy two sticks anyways.

Both those links are both good, trustworthy, and high quality brands. You could choose either of them and feel safe in that you got high quality parts. Make sure when you purchase whichever brand, that it comes with a return warrantee, just in case the RAM you purchase is not compatible. For the most part, most, if not all RAM that physically fits the socket (DDR3), should be compatible with your computer, but I have run into certain models that are purposely a headache to work with because they only accept a certain brand of RAM.

Have a great day!

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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