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QUESTION: Two years ago I bought a brand new Toshiba satellite (with Windows 7). Today for the first time I got a nearly constant pop up system warning message that reads as follows: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service.
Later in the day I bought a laptop chill mat, and tried it. But I still get the warning pop up. What is causing this problem? Can a virus or hacker cause this?
How much does it usually cost to repair? Can I fix it myself? Or am I better off buying a new computer?
Also please tell me if it is a health danger if I don't do anything and continue to use the computer.
Thank you very much!

ANSWER: Sounds like a known defect in the various forums but it might be defective Toshiba software. One solution listed is to uninstall the Toshiba software called Value Added Package.


You can give that a shot. Also go to their website and make sure your various drivers are up to date from their downloads page.

I would install HWMonitor and keep an eye on your temperature yourself.


That way you can check to see if it is actually overheating or just bad software.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I uninstalled the value added package, and my computer was back to normal until yesterday. That's when my laptop started turning off by itself-going blank. I can usually run my computer for about 5 minutes and then it shuts off by itself. I have to press the power button again and the screen says the computer didn't shut down and prompts me to choose between a safe mode or the normal mode of starting windows. Can this constant shut off be related to my original problem-cooling system? Any suggestions?

You can try that hardware monitor I mentioned but even if it was legitimately overheating it would take longer than that to shut down. Unfortunately from what I've read online that model of laptop has that problem a lot so since uninstalling that software didn't fix it my next bet is that it's a manufacturer's defect. In which case there's nothing you can do except give their customer service/support folks a call and see if they'll be willing to do something about it.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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