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I have an E-machines ET-1641 running Windows Vista. I ran into a problem recently. The computer originally was taking an extremely long time to shutdown (over half an hour). Plus the computer was running slow. Then one day the computer had a blue screen, then restarted and worked fine for a few days later then my problems really began. The computer will act like it's going to turn on but never really turns on. The fan whir up but no lights or hdd activity. I've tried replacing the power switch, power supply and just gave up after that. What could I be missing? Thanks.

Generally the power switch and power supply are culprits here, if the problem is not resolved there, the issue either lies in the system mainboard, or the installation of Windows Vista itself. If you cannot get the machine to POST or provide a BIOS configuration screen, Vista is not the culprit (because those functions are lower-level than Vista). I would try clearing the CMOS and see if that helps, if not, I would probably say it's time to start looking for a new machine (I would not suggest putting money into repairing or refurbishing an Acer Group product).

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PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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