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Mr. Rigsby,
I've got a chance to get a Dell PowerEdge 840 pretty reasonable.  It's coming with the hard drives (3 of them) completely wiped, and in a RAID 5 setup.
I know that's primarily a small-business server computer...but if I got it and installed Windows 7 on it, would it work as a regular desktop computer?  
Any suggestions, info you can give are greatly appreciated.
Warm regards,

Possibly. Servers are an entirely 'different beast' than desktop PCs so it might behave oddly but the only real issues with getting Windows 7 to install on it would be all the drivers. Chances are you might have a tough time getting the RAID Controller driver at minimum.

With a bit of Googling and bouncing around forums you'd probably find a solution to installs like that if the arise.

The other issue is that Dell has never really supported add-on Graphics cards in their Servers so the video capability of that machine might not be to your liking as a desktop.

Unfortunately "should work" is about as good as I could get without actually trying it myself.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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