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I have a HP G72 laptop. I changed its battery to a 12 cell battery about few weeks ago as the its old battery was dead . it was working fine until few days ago. here is how things are:
It only boots from battery.
It dose NOT boot on DC only.
when it boots on battery it and its plugged in, its dosent charge the battery but it keeps the battery's charge where it is.
when it boots on battery and its plugged, I can remove the battery and the laptop still works on DC alone.
The small led next to power jack dosent turn on when the laptop is off but plugged in and the battery is attached.

Sounds like all the power cord/power supply is doing is feeding your computer power. This could be a software thing where a setting is wrong and the battery is not being monitored or it could be that the new battery is not compatible with the computer. Without searching myself, are you absolutely sure the new battery is listed by HP as being compatible?  

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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