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hi, my pc keeps shuting off and getting realy hot, it all happend after i installed a new motherboard M5A99X EVO. Then i found out that My Cpu AMD FX-8120 had ''overcloced itself to like 3,8mhz when it should have ben on 3,4.. I can't clock it down and i don't know what to do... iv tryed using amd's aod but it doesn't work, i keep getting blue screens :o help!

You can usually control the CPU clock speeds and multiplier settings from the BIOS on AMD motherboards. Go ahead and enter the BIOS and check your setting from there and if possible load fail-safe defaults if the values you need for stock CPU speeds on your processor are unknown.

When you replaced the heatsink back onto the CPU during motherboard assembly, did you apply a new layer of thermal compound? If you did not, the efficiency of cooling goes way down and even the lowest powered processors can experience high temperatures.

Other things I would check for your motherboard are simple things like forgetting to plug in the CPU cooling fan. I've been doing computers for years and I forget once in a while, so it's worth the check to make sure it is spinning while in use. The hotter the CPU gets, the faster the fan will usually spin, so f you don't hear a revving fan before shut-off, I would check the connectivity of the plug and if the plug is good, I would check the free spinning motion of the fan while the computer is off. If the fan shows resistance (besides the tiny~ magnetic resistance from the fan motor), the fan is bad. If it does spin, but slowly, it could also indicate the fan is bad.

Another thing I would do is while in the BIOS, check for CPU fail-safe temperature limits that will automatically turn off the computer at a certain temperature usually that lower than what would normally damage any components. If your BIOS has this option, it will usually have an alarm option that you can also set temperature values so it will alarm when the temps get high before getting to the point of turning off.

Hope this helps, have a great day and good luck on fixing the issue.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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