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Hello Flinix, I have purchased Dell and HP's desktops for years.  I now want to try building my own pc.  My Q is:  why is it that on every single pc case I see, none of them come with spring loaded "flaps" for the optical drives?  IMO it makes the case look much more pleasant if its covered up, like on a Dell.  Ive been eyeing the Corsair 350D, with its beautiful brushed aluminum finish.  But you stick a plastic faceplate/drive in the bay and it detracts.  Indeed if you look at many of the finished builds online, most do not install a cd/dvd-r, Im assuming to keep the look of it.
So why is that?

Thank you ahead of time

From personal experience, I've never seen a custom PC built without an optical drive installed. Pictures you are seeing online may be stock photos to include all the parts of their case while showing what an internal build would look like inside the case.  

The flaps are not something that are on custom cases probably due to simplicity and for less areas for dust to accumulate behind. You could always build your custom computer in a regular case from HP or Dell if you want the flaps if no custom cases offer flaps. As for the case you've mentioned, even with DVD drives installed, I wouldn't see how optical drives would make it look less appealing. Just make sure to acquire the same color, shade, and texture face-plate for the optical drive to match well with the case. My custom PC here I have installed optical drives and it looks just fine.

Those who don't install an optical drive likely don't use optical drives regularly and therefore have no need to install it in the first place. And if one did need to use an optical drive, they could just hook up an external USB drive in its place.

My reply to you may appear slightly biased, but there's nothing I can do about that given the subject is based on what looks good. Anyways, hope this helps you out even a little bit.

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