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I just got a used Asus computer with P5Q motherboard with Intel i7 CPU and 2gb Nvidia card..  Everything works well including dual boot windows7/Linux Mint.  There is 1 sata drive and 1 pata drive.

My question:  the HDD activity led flickers constantly with either OS, about 1 small flicker per second.  No data is being transferred to the net.  Virus and malware scans show that all is OK.

Do you think there is a problem or could this be considered normal??

Thanks in advance for your reply.

This can be considered normal activity. A lot of activity that would still cause the hard drive to read/write data would be small system background processes that log certain things, anti-virus programs scanning while the computer appears inactive, page file swapping, and small changes to the regular running registry at any given time. You don't have anything to worry just based on the hard drive indicator.

Have a great day!

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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