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Do all (or even most) laptop computers contain an accelerometer?
If so, does it serve any purpose other than parking of the hard drive?

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It will vary from model to model - however newer systems generally do feature an accelerometer (or other method of detecting or predicting a drop, such as monitoring for sudden power loss) to park the heads to prevent head crashes. Manufacturers like Lenovo have marketed this feature overtly in the past; in modern machines, SSDs are becoming popular due to their resiliency to vibration and sudden shocks (especially in machines that are designed to be durable or expect to travel a lot, like the Panasonic Toughbook series, and most Ultrabook systems).

If the system features accelerometers that the host operating system or other software can access, these may be used for software applications running on the machine - in a similar manner to iOS applications on the iPhone, or PlayStation 3 software that is enabled for SIXAXIS control. However, to my knowledge, such a feature is not mainstream and I'm not aware of any software that would need or benefit from such an input configuration on a laptop.


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