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Hi, Bobbert. Years ago during the late 90s/early 00s I had saved TONS of pictures on to various 3.5 floppy disks as art.file's. At the time this was the default "save as" feature on my PC and I did not know that saving them as jpeg files was the smarter thing to do. Flash-forward to the present day and I obviously can no longer access the content of these files (nor even slide the disks in themselves) through my relatively modern laptop. And yet I still really want to be able to see my old files again. But I realize that the best thing that I could probably do is to see if I could first find an old PC with a 3.5" floppy disk slot for cheap. And if I am able to find one, do you suppose that there is a good chance that I may be able to view these old art files without any problem? And if not, do you know if there might be a way to convert them in to jpegs to eliminate the problem?

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Finding a diskette drive wouldn't be terribly hard - they do make USB-based ones that may work out of the box with your current laptop. You can get something like that fairly cheap on Amazon:

However accessing the ART image files may be somewhat trickier - they're a proprietary AOL format, which has been deprecated for years. From some searching on the matter, it appears that AMC Graphic Workshop Professional (which costs around $50 for the full version, but advertises a free trial) should be able to work with ART files (see the ART plug-in page for an explanation of why I say "should").

The AMC software:

And ART plug-in:

My advice would be to try the trial/evaluation version of the AMC application and see if it can do what you want, and then determine if you need to purchase the full version or not (depending on how much use you will get out of it would be my criteria).


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