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Hey Bobbert, How ya doing? I want to ask ya what is Intel Core i3 mean. I know its a processor, but could you tell me what does i3 mean? And also whats the difference between Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i7 please?


It doesn't have any meaning external to Intel's marketing - it's just a brand name, like "Ferrari Testarossa" or "Coca-Cola." Within Intel's branding hierarchy, the i3 series are the lower end of the spectrum - positioned above value offerings like the Atom, Celeron, and Pentium but below mid-range and high performance offerings like the i5 and i7. As far as differences between the i3 and i7, it depends on the two processors in question - generally i7s hail from a higher tier within Intel's product offering, but that doesn't mean i7 is always the best choice. In many cases the i3 is sufficient for average users, including most gamers, and will cost less and consume less power to accomplish that task. On the other hand, if you do lots of heavy multi-media work, any sort of CAD/CAM modeling, or anything else that is very CPU intensive the i7 series is a better place to start looking. If you have a more specific question between two systems or configurations and specific usage requirements I can better respond to that part of the question.


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