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I am to get a new laptop for gaming!
I narrowed Down on 2 pc's:

1st: i7-4510U + GTX850m

2nd: i7-4700HQ + GTX760m

Both laptops have 8gb's of RAM and 750gb HDD

I know that these two aren't superb gamers by any means, but finacially i can't do Much betyder at the moment.

So, 1st or 2nd? And why?

Not sure what brand you are looking at? the i7-4700HQ is a faster, better processor due to having a 6M cache where the other processor only has 4. Other than that, I'm not totally sure because I don't know what brand which will determine screen size and all sorts of other things.

On another note, you will get far better performance at a lower price if you get a desktop. In my opinion (just an opinion) a "gaming" computer is a desktop and cannot be a laptop. Dual video cards, more room for upgrades, better cooling which allows for overclocking of the processor and GPUs, no worries about power consumption (games burn up battery power fast)etc. etc. You just can't do this stuff with a laptop.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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