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Can we use Television Set speakers instead of Inbuilt Laptop Built in Speaker/s when we run application programs on our Laptop ?.

Case : Inbuilt speakers of Laptop are not working.

Is it also possible to use the Television speakers instead of interface with a Wired Cable between laptop and Television set for running application programs on laptop ?.  

i.e. No physical interface cable between Laptop and Television set.  

i.e Using wireless Technology viz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

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Prashant S Akerkar

If your laptop has support for Chromecast or any similar off-brand technology, you can broadcast to a TV display that supports connections with such technology. This is a WiFi/BlueTooth like technology that allows your computer to transfer data in a stream to another supporting device; data such as video and audio.

If you connect to said TV display with an HDMI cable, the sound will be transferred to the TV speakers as well as the video to the screen. If the sound isn't playing through the TV speakers, check the TV sound controls and check the PC/laptop sound controls to make sure it is set to send audio data out to HDMI.

If your laptop speakers are not working, you might actually have a driver issue, most likely a driver not installed at all for the sound controller. That would be worthy of checking first. If you have sound through headphones, then your laptop speakers may be unplugged internally (say the laptop was taken apart and when put back together, the speaker cables weren't plugged back in.) If you are missing the sound driver, you will need to identify your computer model and download the appropriate driver from the manufacturers' support website.

If you decide to put your display to the TV with a different type of cable, (such as S-video, VGA, or DVI) you will have video, but there is no data channel to carry the audio signal, so you'd have to connect up some speakers, a sound system receiver, or headphones if you wanted to not use the laptop on-board speakers.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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