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I wanna ask that i recently brought a graphics card r7 265. But  when i plug it in motherboard it does not show anything on the screen. When i take the graphics card out the screen works fine. please Tell me that is my motherboard DH61WW compatible with r7 265 graphics card?

I have a PSU Of cooler master 500watt and 6gb 1333mh ram.

Is the 6 pin power supply plug plugged into the socket on the card? If not, plug that sucker in. That card takes about twice as much power as the motherboard can supply on its own and the card will not work without that extra power.

If that doesn't work, just ensure you have your video cable plugged into the video card and not the motherboard port still. It sounds silly, but I've done that simple mistake before.

If you are correctly plugged into the graphics card and it still doesn't boot, while the computer is still running, take off the video cable and plug it back onto the onboard video port and see if the screen pops up. That will test if the computer is otherwise still booting and it is acting as if the card is not even there.

If the onboard still works, it is time to go into the BIOS and check to see a setting related to key terms that are related to "First Initial Display" or anything that points to "output display to" and see what it is set on. If it is set to "Auto", you should be fine as that will detect a PCI-e graphics card and automatically boot with that device first. So, if the setting is set to "Onboard", I suggest putting that on "PEG" or "Auto", save and exit BIOS, and then try booting with the graphics card again.

If all that doesn't work, while the computer is off, try reseating the graphics card a few times in and out of the socket to help scratch of any fine oxidation that may have built up on the motherboard pins or card pins. Then go ahead and seat the graphics card once more as if you were installing it for the last time, secure it with the panel screw/latch and try booting it once more taking into consideration the diagnosis step mentioned all above.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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