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My computer uses an i5 CPU and has 8 GB of memory.  I am using it with a UPS which also has a monitor connected to it.  The UPS is Cyberpower CP850AVRLCD.  It says total output is 12A including surge.  My monitor is also connected to the UPS.  I have an old xp comuter with much less power.  Can I connect it to the same UPS?

By "much less power" what do you mean? Processing power or power consumption? It's important to note that processors like the Pentium 4, while slower than the i5, actually use more electrical power to do their work. And that power supplies on older computers tend to be less efficient, which increases their relative consumption. Finally, what kind of monitors are you using?

I would suggest looking at the nameplate ratings on both machines - it's possible that both will work well enough on the UPS, although you should expected reduced runtime if both are powered-on during a power failure. However it's also entirely possible that the older machine has a maximum draw of somewhere around 10A by itself, and if paired up with the new machine, multiple displays, and so on it would exceed what the UPS is capable of providing. This would not be an advisable configuration, and my advice would be to at least get a separate surge protector for the other computer if that is the case.

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PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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