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i bought used dell latitude e4300 from a friend.i did cpu stress test.i ran stress test for 30 minutes.maximum temp noted during this test for both cores was 97c.isnt it too hot?when only browsing both cores temp remains 35 to 40c and never goes up.while during installation of some soft wares cpu usage was 30 to 40 percent both cores and temp was 60 to 6 c.based on these readings plz advise me is cpu overheating or these temps are normal?

60c is pushing it. 97c is just too hot!
Not sure if this is a stock computer, if you are overclocking, have you installed any extra fans? etc., etc. That cpu is not going to last long at those temps. Please go into a little more detail. Regardless, you need to get those temps down. I wouldn't run another stress test on it. 97c may kill it next time.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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