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I have a Toshiba L655-S5096 laptop. The serial number is ZA035104W. I have just updated all drivers and bios.  I am running widows 7 ultimate.  Currently I have a 120 gig ssd working just fine.  I bought a samsung 840 EVO 500 gig ssd.  When I installed it the laptop would not recognize any hdd/ssd.  I formated the drive on another computer and tried again.  The laptop still showed there was no hdd/ssd installed.  What is the storage limitation of this laptop when using an ssd?  When I search online for upgrades for this unit I see 500 gig ssd and even greater.  Why wont it recognize the samsung 550 gig I bought?  My desktop sees it just fine. I am fairly computer literate and have been building my own computer systems for years. This is the first laptop I have owned and although it's older should work fine for a while.  I just want to max out it's potential.

Thank you for any assistance.


This is what Crucial says about available ssd's for your laptop: http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/ssd
You may have to use the search feature to get the info for your specific laptop. It lists a 1TB drive as being compatible so it is not the size.
There is one thing you may want to look into. A BIOS upgrade. Sometimes computers are capable of more RAM or a bigger hard drive but they will not recognize them or function correctly without updating the BIOS. Let me know what you find out about this and we will go from there.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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