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QUESTION: I'm getting a new computer, and I found 2. Can you tell me which of the 2 is better for the price, which is better in general, and which has a better graphics card.

Computer 1:
Computer 2:

ANSWER: Generally I do not advise purchasers to go with brands like iBuyPower as they are notorious for cutting corners on critical components like the power supply, motherboard, cooling, etc to offer a lower price than their competitors (or, if we're comparing them to a giant corporation like Dell, to try and compete with Dell's pricing which is low due to the sheer volume of their operation).

As far as comparing the two machines, unfortunately the links you provided do not list much in the way of specifications, so it is hard to make a meaningful comparison.

What, specifically, do you need the machine to do, and what is your rough budget? I would be happy to help find you a suitable machine if I had that information.


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QUESTION: I am looking for a decent computer that can play low end games such as DotA 2. My budget is preferably around 500 dollars. I would also love it if it could play call of duty black ops 2, but that is not a necessity

Dota 2 has relatively low system rqeuirements; Black Ops II presents slightly higher GPU requirements but nothing outlandish by modern standards. The easiest advice would be to extend your budget slightly and look at something like the Alienware X51, which will satisfy the requirements of both games in a well supported package. If that doesn't satisfy your budget, building your own system would be more straight-forwards than going with a very discounted system (most cheaper machines will lack discrete graphics which will likely be an issue for Black Ops 2). However that will require more time investment on your side; if you're interested, do let me know.


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