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I've recently surplussed a computer, it looks to be older than i am and no one can seem to name what this expansion card is, and any numbers off of the card come up empty on Google.. I was hoping to get some help. (images attached)

I likely won't be of too much help identifying what exactly this card is. From the ports, I can tell you that they are likely a proprietary connector for some machinery. None of those ports are anything identifiable by today’s standards or even the standards in the 90's. I have a feeling this was a card to control an automated process or automated machine. The 4 ports might be individual driver/stepper motor ports. I almost though the single connector of its type was VGA until I double checked the amount of pins per row in the socket. VGA is 15 pins total, 5 pins per row. That socket has 6 pins per row. I've never seen those types of ports.

Sorry I was unable to help you, but if you ever find out, I'd be interested in knowing their exact purpose was. Have a great day!  

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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